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title pic Never Again

Posted by Sassy on October 28, 2012

My Why? My three children.  They are talented, intelligent, beautiful and compassionate beings.  My why is to never again allow them to live in lack, to never again allow them to have to make do with only necessities, to never again allow financial pressure and turmoil tear their family apart, to never again allow them to pass over opportunities to pursue their interests and dreams because I cannot afford it.

I DECIDED to do something to NEVER AGAIN have a JOB, the ECONOMY or POLITICIANS dictate how I live my life NOW or how I will live my life in MY future or how MY children and MY children’s CHILDREN will live their lives.

But do I have people in my life, friends, family, neighbors, co-workers that actually believe in my pursuit of such a thing?  Those that would be willing to take 60 minutes or 30 minutes or 10 minutes or 5 minutes or 2 minutes out of their day to find out exactly what I do?  Those that actually believe I will be successful in my endeavors with more than just lip service but with action?

Oh but you think you KNOW what I do, don’t you?

Funny thing is, what I do is simply helping YOU and YOURS by putting an extra $25, $50, $100 or more back in YOUR pocket every month.

I’m not interested in selling you anything. I’m not interested in getting your money. I am in need of your support with a simple conversation.

Text “NeedAChange” to 55469 to contact me.




title pic Defeating Gravity

Posted by Sassy on September 19, 2012

Recently, I took a business trip to Atlanta, Georgia for the International Training Conference for my 5Linx business. On my return flight to Baltimore, looking out the window (I always choose a window seat) I noticed how bright the sun was shining on the clouds. I was reflecting on how blessed I was to be able to start this business, to attend the conference and to have the knowledge to change people’s lives for generations.  God IS Good!

Once the plane began to descend to my connecting city, Charlotte, North Carolina, we dipped below the cloud line you see above. All of a sudden, it became gloomy and dark. “Weird,” I thought. But then I began to meditate on the Word I had received earlier in the day at World Changers International Church from Dr. Creflo Dollar. 

Dr. Dollar mentioned that the law of gravity applies to every single person on earth. No matter how big or small, male or female, black, white, Christian, gay or straight. It applies to EVERYONE. No one can escape it. It holds you down. But, Dr. Dollar enlightened us and told us there was ONE thing that can defeat the law of gravity…THE LAW OF LIFT

As I sat on my flight, I was thinking about how true those words were.  The Wright Brothers (ironically I was flying into Charlotte) mastered the law of LIFT and made it possible for us, human beings, to defeat the law of gravity.

During this flight, I put together what I had just saw take place during my flight, Dr. Dollar’s lesson and the powerful trainings I received from the likes of Pasha and Steve Carter, Pastor John O. Jones, Pastor John Owusu and King Pinyin at the 5Linx International Training Conference.  The following truths came to me:

If you rise above the clouds, the sun is still shining.

Gravity holds you down, just as your circumstances hold you down, just as your mindset holds you down, just as the people around you hold you down, just as lack holds you down, just a fear holds you down, just as laziness holds you down, just as lack of information holds you down, just as refusing to accept change holds you down…so shall you remain down.

When you go below, beneath yourself…it will get gloomy, it will get cloudy and it will rain.   Accepting what is below the best for your life will ground you. Hold you down, instead of allowing you to soar above the clouds in the beautiful, beautiful sunshine.

But I’m here to tell you about my God that mastered the law of LIFT long before the Wright brothers. Long before US Airways, Southwest, United or Jet Blue my God LIFTED His only Son from the gravity of death that was holding him down. And if God can defeat the gravity of DEATH what makes you think He can’t defeat what’s holding YOU down?

God can do it because He IS God almighty, meaning of ALL THINGS. Yet God gave us the power of free will and choice.  His law of LIFT only applies to those who PARTICIPATE willingly.  Jesus participated by doing his Father’s Will and faithfully, willingly going to the cross to confront death for all of us.  His participation is the only thing that made it possible for God to LIFT him out of death’s hands.

YOU must PARTICIPATE in order for God to LIFT you out of your circumstances, out of your mindset, out of your misery and out of your struggle.  He can only LIFT you up if you take His hand that is always extended to you. God can only LIFT you up if you accept what He is offering.  The answer to your prayer is sitting right in front of you…TAKE IT!

Yes it’s going to take some work. Yes it’s going to take some sacrifice. Yes you are going to have to submit and put ALL your faith in Him. Yes you are going to have to block out the haters and the naysayers. Yes you are going to have to have tunnel vision…just you and HIM and His Will and His Purpose for your life.  Yes you are going to have to leave some behind. That is your offering of PARTICIPATION in your OWN turnaround.

Spend some TIME in the Word: 

  1. Jeremiah 29:11
  2. 2 Kings 4
  3. Matthew 25:13-30
  4. Proverbs 20:18

If you are ready to PARTICIPATE in your own LIFT, START TODAY.  Here is your OPPORTUNITY to partner with me and those anointed, powerful individuals above. Contact me TODAY!



title pic Define Your Life Vision in 4 Steps

Posted by Sassy on July 4, 2012

In June 2012 I clearly defined my Life Vision. I have to tell you, it felt pretty good to have some sort of focus to all that I want to do or be in this life.

Using the SASS Life Resources as a framework, I began writing how my life looks in the future in each of the Resource areas. I didn’t define exactly when in the future or any finite numbers, I just wanted to visualize all the different aspects of the life I wanted.

For me it’s something like a vision board but with words. I’m a wordy kind of girl. I took careful consideration to use the first person pronoun “I” and present-tense. Every time I read over my Life Vision, I am training my thoughts to believe what it reads about me.

Define Your Vision

Step 1: Create 7 Sections for each SASS Life Resource on a large piece of paper or 7 columns in a spreadsheet or 7 pages in a journal or 7 bullet points in a word processing document.

Step 2: Label each section with one of the following SASS Life Resources: Spirit (Mind, Body & Soul) Time, Image, Finances, Knowledge, Career & Relationships

Step 3: Study the definition of each of the SASS Life Resource here.

Step 4: For each of SASS Life Resource, answer the following questions in each of the 7 sections –

  1. What does it look like when you have achieved Success & Satisfaction in this area?
  2. What things do you do to maintain Success & Satisfaction in this area?
  3. What have you accomplished in this area?
  4. How are people in your life affected by your Success & Satisfaction in this area?

You’ve just created a Life Vision for yourself! Congratulations!

Remember, this is an IDEAL state you would like your life to arrive at. It simply gives you some direction for all your energy and focus.

Make a copy of your Life Vision to keep near wherever you spend a lot of time. This could be your nightstand, your workspace at work, your home office. Tack it up on the wall, keep it in your journal, save it as your desktop background.

Read your Life Vision DAILY. Read it aloud as much as possible. You believe more of what you tell yourself than what anybody else tells you.

Use your Life Vision to help you make decisions. Ask yourself, “Will this move me closer or further away from my Life Vision?”


title pic 7 Lessons of 2012 Part 1

Posted by Sassy on July 1, 2012

I have done a lot of reflecting on 2012 Part 1, what happened and what didn’t happen. What I learned and what I didn’t learn.  What I did and what I didn’t do to contribute to the state of my life by the end of 2012 Part 1.

The following phrase sums up what I learned during 2012 Part 1:  FIRST THINGS FIRST

  1. Put GOD 1st.  Seek Him. Do your best to learn and be obedient to His Word and His Ways.  It will save you a lot of worry and heartache.  Give God the first of your TIME, THOUGHTS and MONEY.
  2. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE! – Pay yourself first. If you are going to be late on your bills and not have enough money ANYWAY, you might as well teach and discipline yourself to have SOMETHING set aside for when the ish really hits the fan. IJS.
  3. Drop the Distractions – Anyone or Anything that takes your time, focus or money away from GOD, your primary responsibilities and/or goals is not worth it.
  4. DO NOT COMPROMISE – Do not compromise your health, your standards, your morals, your faith, your dreams or your vision for something that might work. If in doubt, see #1 above.
  5. Do step 1 first, not step 5 – Back in February 2012, right before my birthday, something became very clear to me. I was not going to be able to devote the time or financing to my business UNTIL I obtained my Bachelor’s degree which would enable me to have a sufficient and stable full time job. While I was working at the time, my employment was in jeopardy due to my lack of degree. Yes I want to own a successful business but I have to be willing and able to it right.
  6. Do YOU first, before Doing Someone Else – (figuratively & literally) Spend your time and energy working on you and your purpose.  I know there are many more things I want to accomplish, learn and master before I am ready for the ONE God has for me.  I want to prepare myself to be at the same level I want that person to be at. It’s not fair to expect someone to come into my life who has it ALL together and I know I’m not even close to my own ideal.
  7. Define your Vision first – Then go in that direction.  If you don’t clearly define where you want to go, how are you going to get there? Can’t. Won’t.    Here’s how you too can Define Your Vision in 7 Steps!

What has 2012 Part 1 revealed to you?


title pic 2012 Part 1 – A Half Year of Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda’s

Posted by Sassy on June 29, 2012

July 1, 2012 is the official start of the SECOND HALF OF THE YEAR or as I like to call it, 2012 Part 2.

Let me recap 2012 Part 1

Honestly, when the New Year came around, I had intended to accomplish A LOT more things than I have to date.  They were the usual things: loose weight, eat healthier, exercise more, SAVE MONEY, jump start my event planning business, get closer to God.  Almost NONE of those things happened.  On the other hand, there were A LOT of things going on in my life in the latter part of 2012 Part 1 that I had not expected (or prepared for).  Being unemployed for the first time in 7 years, having to rely on my ex-husband to continue to support our children, STILL needing financial assistance from my parents at the age of 34.


I do know is THE #1 reason I did not accomplish or prepare for those things mentioned above – I did not WRITE them down AND create a plan/steps to achieve/avoid them (whichever the case may be) AND utilize a system to track my progress HOW on earth could anything actually get done?


Despite these shortcomings, there are several things that DID happen during 2012 Part 1 that are positive.  I went back to school to finish getting my Bachelor’s degree AND completed my first class.  I was awarded a financial aid package for next school year that will allow me to continue my education without the worry or struggle of paying for it.   I gained a wealth of experience in my career field that has put me in the position to meet the qualifications for a better paying job. My enrollment status and path to my Bachelor’s degree also made me more appealing to employers. While unemployed, I was able to “mentor” several ladies a local job training program for 3 weeks.  The experience changed me AND some of them for the better.  At the very end of 2012 Part 1, I landed what is my best job in my career field to date!

There are TWO things that did happened during 2012 Part 1 that are, and will always be my greatest accomplishments… I LEARNED and I AM STILL HERE.

On top of those two things, I learned A LOT more during 2012 Part 1,  I’ll share those in another post.

What are the 2 biggest lessons you learned during 2012 Part 1?